Sunshine Chrysalis

Sunshine Chrysalis

Cinematography, Editing

Poetry film written and directed by asinnajaq. Commissioned by POP Montreal, produced by LembasWorks.

asinnajaq and I collaborated previously in Aotearoa / New Zealand in 2018. She approached me in the summer of 2022 about working together again on this new texture-focused poetry film she was comissioned by POP Montreal to produce. I worked with Tara and Rémi at LembasWorks to bring our small shooting kit together, and with their support asinnajaq and I worked closely with her Retroprojector and varied textures to shoot the piece in early September 2022.

We were under a tight deadline to acheive picture lock so Tara, the composer and sound designer, could start work with her team in order to deliver in time for POP Montreal's "CinéPOP" Programme. asinnajaq trusted me to do my own first pass, and with that as a basis we worked together to refine the edit within the span of a week. asinnajaq also contributed her own footage from recent documentary trips, and for additional texture layers.

I am thrilled by the result, especially given our small crew and low-tech solutions (eg. plastic lid to hold chia seeds, jello etc over a retroprojector).

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