Making Boyfriend Dungeon: Our Kickstarter Story
Kitfox Games

Making Boyfriend Dungeon: Our Kickstarter Story

Videography and editing for Boyfriend Dungeon Kickstarter video.

Tanya and I first worked together on Kitfox's first Kickstarter for Moonhunters. She approached me in 2018 to make a new video for her passion project, Boyfriend Dungeon.

Note: on the Kickstarter the first minute of the Kickstarter trailer was produced by Kitfox, everything after with documentary footage was from me.

This was a nice continuation with Moon Hunters as it gave the studio a chance to communicate with their existing backers about the lessons and new approaches they were taking with Boyfriend Dungeon. It's always a privilege to help someone communicate their goals and dreams for an in-progress project, and I think we made something that communicated the spirit of the game as well as their workplace culture.

You can buy and play the final game here:

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