Lightspeed Leaders
Lightspeed POS, Classic Productions

Lightspeed Leaders

Lightspeed POS, Classic Productions
Editing, Colour

Editing and colour grade for Lightspeed social video, customer profiles.

I met Jonathan Beaton and Chris Kells, aka Classic Productions, when Jonathan hired me at Wealthy Commercials in 2018. Later in 2019, Jonathan and later Chris left Wealthy to start their own production company and brought me on board to assist with editorial and colour.

Their major client was Lightspeed, the POS system based in Montreal. Lightspeed commissioned them to produce "customer stories" -- profiles of business owners using Lightspeed -- for their marketing and award showcases.

Each video had their own editorial challenge; honing in on what makes each story unique while also showcasing the product. We made 15 second, 30 second and these full length versions for Lightspeed's various social media channels.

The project was also an opportunity to expand my services as a colourist.

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